To help individuals with many liked pages on Facebook, Hitha Paul P offers an app at Google Play store. The app “My Liked pages” will help users in an effective manner to organize the pages they liked on Facebook. This is an effective App to manage Facebook videos and photos from liked pages.

For those with difficulty in following their likes and those with the feeling that they are missing many attractive videos and photos are getting lost in the crowd of a huge number of posts, this app will come handy. Some people continue to download videos from their Facebook pages for future reference and to watch them online, for them this app from will help.

Further, the app will help people, to share photos and videos on Facebook to their friends on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and other such social media accounts.

My Liked pages Manager comes with some attractive set of features. Yes, the app has the ultimate Facebook page viewer and downloader and also a well-organized liked page manager for Facebook.

About Hitha Paul P:
Hitha Paul P is an independant developer who has other apps like Low Battery Alert App and Battery Timer 2017 at Google Store. she can be reached at

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An international songwriter / singer duet from San Francisco, California and Bogotá, Colombia, IndiviDúo has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming project. It is producing a music video and three new songs, and wants to share the music to spread the joy with the help of crowdfunding.

The Indie music group has already had two successful campaigns on Kickstarter in the past, which have helped it get launch five singles and have its own TV segment every week on one of the most famous shows in Colombia. It released “Dream”, a full length song album with a national Colombian distribution deal and to packed crowds in California as well as Bogota.

The duo wants to use the funds of its existing campaign for financing the last phase of its new album. The duo has set their goal of crowdfunding campaign at 15K, and this could cover one phase for them. The two would also work with Dan Warner, an extremely talented Miami-based producer who has been behind hits like Maluma, Calle 13 and Gaby Moreno.

Any extra funds from this Kickstarter campaign would be used for producing more videos and songs, and towards the completion of a new music album by the start of 2019. If everything goes as per plan, the group would be able to gift a new music video and an original song to listeners after every few months until 2019. The duo hopes to achieve success with its third campaign.

About IndiviDúo:
A new Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming project of a music video and three new songs by IndiviDúo, the popular International Indie Music Group! It is in need of crowdfunding.

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Haverhill, Suffolk (February 20, 2018) - Nowadays, many people look for ways to stop smoking. To help those in Essex, Cambridge, and Haverhill areas at Suffolk, Jon Adkin helps as a professional hypnotherapist.

Jon Adkin says “As a qualified hypnotherapist, I am able to help people overcome so many issues that can affect so many in today’s world”. He loves to help people by passing on positive attitude through hypnotherapy. After successfully running a part-time hypnotherapy practice, he has now decided to offer this service full-time.

Hypnotherapy is a psychological technique that is used in the psychology and medicine as a tool for bringing positive changes both in the body and in the mind. Those with phobias/fears and even other psychological conditions like stress/anxieties and lack of self-esteem will help with getting the best help from Jon Adkin.

For those concerned about their excess weight, they can also get weight loss benefits from this experienced hypnotherapist. The expert strongly believes that hypnotherapy is an excellent method to overcome the anxieties and stresses of modern living.

About Jon Adkin:
Jon Adkin is a Suffolk-based hypnotherapist. He is a BA Hyp trained by a member of the British Association of Hypnotherapy. He is also the member of the British Association of Hypnotherapy.

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Jon Adkin BAHyp
7 Henry Close
07513 011602



Dylyver is a unique technology corporation dedicated to developing cutting edge innovative logistics and transportation solutions with the help of highly advanced and contemporary mobile technologies. The scope of Dylyver mainly focuses on two different applications, namely Dylyver Drive and Dylyver Cargo. Dylyver Drive is a one of a kind social ride sharing app platform that helps to connect the riders and drivers. Dylyver Cargo is a package delivery marketplace which helps to connect the senders, couriers and the recipients. Dylyver has also come up with a unique referral marketing platform which can offer all the users an opportunity for generating continuous passive income as they keep on using Dylyver package delivery and ride sharing services.

From the very beginning, the professionals at Dylyver have been highly passionate about changing the way men and women commute and effectively ship their packages on a daily basis. They also wanted to provide users with a way by which they can generate substantial passive income for the long term. By offering an efficient ecosystem which in turn can offer all users to benefit from the social delivery and ride sharing services, Dylyver intends to make it easier for participants to benefit from the program in more ways than one. The Dylyver Cargo offers social P2P package delivery platform which can be used by different types of business owners. Through the Dylyver Cargo app, the couriers can easily deliver the items on foot, car, bike or any other means of transportation. DylyverDrive is an intuitive and smartly developed social ride sharing app that can be used by riders and drivers for arranging rides. With this app, users can place requests for rides with just a simple click of a button.

The Dylyvercrowdfunding project is all set to be launched on February 27, 2018. The live campaign can be viewed at

Dylyver has already attracted a lot of attention from the social ride sharing industry. Experts strongly believe that Dylyver has what it takes to generate the best response from the target users that it is trying to appeal to.

About Dylyver:
Dylyver is a leading technology corporation that aims to make use of mobile apps to deliver cutting edge social ride sharing and package delivery solutions. With the help of Dylyver apps, users can also generate a flow of passive income.

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Tampa, Florida (February 23, 2018) - Currently candidates are being hired for special education and psychology jobs in various schools all across the United States. Some of the areas in which these recruitments are being carried out include Alaska, California, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado and New Mexico. Most schools all around the United States have a psychology department of their own. The role of these psychology departments in schools is to detect, diagnose and resolve mental illnesses and learning disabilities among the students. The school psychologists also offer therapy for students experiencing learning, emotional and behavioral issues. People looking for psychology jobs in schools need to have an ED.S. degree also known as Education Specialists degree that involves 60 hours of comprehensive graduate coursework along with 1,200 supervised internship hours. Most of the states in USA also require a Licensed Specialist In School Psychology (LSSP).

To apply for special education jobs in USA, a psychologist also needs to pass Praxis II examination in school psychology. Passing this exam will help them to obtain NCSP certification. Some states may also require psychologists to obtain a working license in order to work professionally in a school. Therefore before applying for school psychology jobs, the psychologists should apply for a professional license. The requirements for such licensing can differ from one state to another. School psychologists not only work with the students but they also counsel the families of the students having psychological issues. Due to this reason, it is of utmost importance that they have sufficient academic knowledge and professional experience.

About SPED Travel Jobs:
Special education and psychology jobs form a crucial aspect of education in USA and there is now a strong demand for psychologists for schools.

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Oakwood, Georgia (February 23, 2018) - The Barrios Collection is a company based in Oakwood, Georgia and is known for offering the finest collection of luxury cars to the customers at the most affordable prices. Whether one is looking to get a vehicle for driving through the local regions of Atlanta or in some other part of the world, the professionals at The Barrios Collection can get the car delivered right at the doorstep of the customer on any address provided by him/her. For quite some time, The Barrios Collection has been offering some of the finest Atlanta luxury cars to customers thereby fulfilling their diverse expectations. The professionals at The Barrios Collection are well aware of the fact that it can be quite difficult for a car buyer to get the best quality cars at the most pocket friendly prices. Due to this reason, they have brought forth a special collection of classic cars Atlanta that can suit all tastes and preferences.

In the recent times, The Barrios Collection has also reduced their prices for the benefit of the customers and has also purchased more inventories to meet the needs of the growing customers. With a larger inventory of top quality low mileage exotic, luxury and classic cars, The Barrios Collection can fulfill the expectations of car buyers in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the car brands offered by The Barrios Collection include BMW, Bentley, Land Rover, Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Porsche. It is therefore no wonder that people looking for classic cars for sale in Atlanta GA prefer to buy products from The Barrios Collection.

About The Barrios Collection:
The Barrios Collection is a leading car supplier based in Oakwood, Georgia known for offering some of the finest choices in classic and luxury vehicles.

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Company Name: The Barrios Collection
Address: 4267 Mcbrayer Rd
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Online dating sites have become the go-to person for most, as far as dating is concerned in these busy times. Through these platforms, one can easily look for the companionship he or she wants to establish. is a user-friendly dating website that comes with a number of features, and requires no credit card payments, thus making it one of the most popular free dating websites.

This free dating site promotes not only local dating, but also international dating, thus making it one of the top American dating sites on the world web. FriendFin is a transparent network, which allows the viewing of the profiles of its members to non-members as well. One can search for their preferred partners even before signing up on this dating website.

Personalisation of the profile is possible after signing up on the dating site.  A description of oneself, including personal details, interests, likes and dislikes, can be added to make an interesting profile. Users can even specify whether they are looking for serious commitments or just local hook-ups. Going live by broadcasting through this platform is a novel feature that attracts many users. The other fact that makes FriendFin stand out among other completely free dating sites is the feature which allows users to link their Facebook profiles with their FriendFin ones. Apart from this, FriendFin allows the usual private messaging, audio chatting as well as video chatting.

About is one of the top 100 percent free dating sites that promotes private messaging, audio chats and video chats. It is a social platform that allows completely free dating for women looking for men, and vice versa. It has no hidden charges for signing up or creating a new account, and offers exclusive free online dating.

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55 Goodwin street,
Marlborough MA, USA 01752



Westlake Village, California (February 25, 2018) -House Value Store is a leading company based in Westlake Village, California known for offering specialized home valuation services to all clients. Their website is thoroughly dedicated to offer top notch home buying and home selling experience to all patrons. Consumers looking to sell or refinance their homes can easily do so with the help of the expertise offered by House Value Store. The home valuations and associated services offered by House Value Store can also assist customers when they are looking find homes or get foreclosures for sale. The house valuations presented by House Value Store are highly accurate which eventually helps home buyers and home sellers to make the right decisions when they are dealing with properties. By using the official website and mobile app of House Value Store, a person can easily obtain valuable information in regards to house values which can help him/her in more ways than one. House Value Store can also have experienced mortgage experts and local real estate agents assist customers when they are looking to purchase, sale, finance and refinance homes.

Plenty of people wonder about “how much is my home worth?” on a regular basis. They also try to look through various online resources in order to find answers to their queries. What customers require is a reliable home value estimator that can provide them with accurate information regarding the value of their homes. House Value Store has also partnered with to put together a highly sophisticated algorithm that can be used for obtaining accurate assessments of homes and their property values. The algorithm offers results based on three different conditions of the properties, namely Excellent, Poor & Fair. House Value Store also allows the customers to get updates and latest information on the valuation of their homes as they change via email.

The search engine presented by House Value Store offers a complex yet simple searching experience for the users which in turn can help them to search for all latest properties available in a given area. The search system also presents them with information regarding the total time that a property has been on the market. The default setting of the search engine displays all the results on homes put up most recently in the market. The search engine also offers information about properties involved in Foreclosures, Auctions, Short Sales and HUD Homes. The properties are perfectly color coordinated to facilitate ease of use.

About House Value Store:
House Value Store and Home Gather is a leading company based in California known for offering valuable property valuation services to people who are looking to buy or sell properties. The site also offers comprehensive services regarding various aspects of buying and selling homes.



Baltimore, MD (February 24, 2018) – Sunglasses help humans to safeguard their eyes from the Sun’s ray during hot summer days. But, the problem faced by most people wearing prescription glasses is that they cannot get rid of their glasses when they are out on a summer day and so they cannot wear any sunglasses. But, the good news that awaits those wearing prescription glasses is that they can view the best and can shop from the best collection of magnetic clip-on glasses from Amycoz.

Among the different types of clip-on sunglasses like flip and standard clip-on sunglasses, the magnetic variant uses a clear magnet that easily connects to the prescription glasses. As they do not contain any clips, they are noticeable barely. This type of clip-on sunglasses can be used only in prescription glasses with a magnetic frame. They can be connected directly to the frame and so the shoppers should be careful about choosing the same in the correct size.

To help shoppers do a comparative shopping, Amycoz has the best collection of magnetic clip-on sunglasses. In addition to providing protection to the eyes of the users, these glasses will also protect the prescription glasses from any type of scratches.

About Amycoz:
The important aim of Amycoz is to provide glasses that people can actually afford and at the same time make them look good. They deal with a wide range of sunglasses and also prescription glasses.

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8839H Kelso Drive
Baltimore, MD 21221
United States



MasterTAAG is an Internet of Things startup aiming to provide technology-driven solutions to businesses, by automating business processes to ease the art of doing business. The disruptive company recently launched a unique web service, the first of its kind in the industry, to help restaurants provide more cost-efficient and customer-centric services.

The MasterTAAG app is the first of its kind physical web service for restaurants designed to help service providers in this case, restaurants, translates their menu into their customer’s preferred language and currency effortlessly. The use of physical web technology ensures that customers do not need to download, while helping customers to easily understand the menu offered by the restaurants as well as the cost of the menu. The service also gives a pictorial representation of the menu, allowing customers to see how delicious the meal looks.

MasterTAAG particularly helps to solve one of the major problems with ordering a food or drink, which the customer not understanding the meal or cost involved. Consequently, the MasterTAAG app makes it to order foods and drinks by providing the menu and the price list in the customer’s currency and language.

NFC technology is used for accessing the menu and price list, with iBeaon used in sending them to all mobiles devices that do not have the NFC technology. Users can also connect through Bluetooth and WiFi, ensuring that everyone benefits from the technology regardless of their type of device.

MaterTAAG is already receiving accolades from users. “Surprised at first with this new physical web service and we quickly understood the benefits for our customers,” says Laurent N – Customer at Coffee & Go France.

More information about MasterTAAG can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Media Contact:
David Navaro Vera
0044 7909 888 428