The missing Facebook experience on liked pages management is Bridged by an app ‘my liked pages’


To help individuals with many liked pages on Facebook, Hitha Paul P offers an app at Google Play store. The app “My Liked pages” will help users in an effective manner to organize the pages they liked on Facebook. This is an effective App to manage Facebook videos and photos from liked pages.

For those with difficulty in following their likes and those with the feeling that they are missing many attractive videos and photos are getting lost in the crowd of a huge number of posts, this app will come handy. Some people continue to download videos from their Facebook pages for future reference and to watch them online, for them this app from will help.

Further, the app will help people, to share photos and videos on Facebook to their friends on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and other such social media accounts.

My Liked pages Manager comes with some attractive set of features. Yes, the app has the ultimate Facebook page viewer and downloader and also a well-organized liked page manager for Facebook.

About Hitha Paul P:
Hitha Paul P is an independant developer who has other apps like Low Battery Alert App and Battery Timer 2017 at Google Store. she can be reached at

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