Spring, TX (March 20, 2018) – International shipment is part of a business operation at times and here for businesses in Houston, an international shipping agent Houston will bring in the best help to safely transfer the goods to the customers abroad. Such a service is offered by the Texas Global Services.

The Houston freight forwarder says “We understand that every client and shipment is unique. As a freight forwarder you can trust, we tailor our service to the client’s needs and we guarantee you won’t be treated like a number”. With this assurance to the prospective and present customers, the company strives to bring in the best service to the customers.

Irrespective of whether a client has huge machinery or even a small suitcase to be shipped, the ocean freight forwarder – FMCSA Licensed will help. The company offers a free quote for commercial equipment irrespective of whether a client looks for domestic trucking, ocean or air freight.

About Texas Global Services:
Texas Global Services is a family-owned and operated business. The company strongly believes that the success of their customers is their success. With a vested interest in helping the customers with the scary task of international shipping, they are helping out organizations for long.

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March 30, 2018: The Creators Game is a documentary that showcases the lives of 2018 Utah Women’s Lacrosse team and the trials that they face during the first season in the Division I. The documentary also explores the challenged that are faced by the new coach of the team Glee Corsetti as she tries to raise $12 million required to compete in PAC 12. The Creators Game is a unique documentary program that captures a powerful and intimate snapshot of the Women’s Lacrosse team in Utah as they move to division I and take on the toughest opponents that they have ever faced. Glee Corsetti, the new coach of the Lacrosse team has to overcome numerous unimaginable hurdles both on as well as off the field as she tries to guide her team to eventual success. One of the most challenging aspects of fulfilling such goals is to raise the amount of $12 Million required to get the team into the PAC 12 and NCAA Division I with U of U. Fortunately, she is going to have the support and assistance of her team captains whom she trusts the most. McKenna Tychsen #5, one of the senior members of the team with excellent natural leadership capacities is known to have great love and respect for the game both on as well as off the field and she has a strong rapport with coach Glee Corsetti.

Apart from McKenna Tychsen #5, the team also has numerous strong players like Kennedy Flavin #1 who is deaf phenom capable of turning heads with high scoring abilities. She is also a major inspiration for women all over the world looking to play lacrosse as a part of their career. The documentary offers great access to the viewers looking to learn more about lacrosse, one of the most popular and fastest growing sports activities in the country. The documentary explores the journey of the emerging team as they try to enhance their career prospects through heartbreaks and joys and get over past losses towards victory. The project is now seeking Indiegogo crowdfunding support to raise a total amount of $7000 USD. The owner of the project is Aspen Baldwin who is the director of the documentary and is known to make use of her unique creative skills to create a powerful documentary.

About The Creators Game:
The Creators Game is a documentary focusing on the lives of 2018 Utah Women’s Lacrosse team as they struggle to take part in first season of Division I. The project is in need of funds and has launched a campaign in Indiegogo.

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The Massachusetts Attorney General has been asked to investigate the Town of Holliston after receiving numerous complaints against a town employee. Reports indicate that on multiple occasions, Holliston Health Agent, Scott Moles, entered residents’ property and illegally seized personal items. According to sources, Moles told any resident who resisted to “get a lawyer”.


It seems that at least one alleged victims took Moles’ advice.



An attorney for a local resident contacted the Holliston Police and, after making them aware of the situation, the items were immediately returned. Additionally, one victim alleges that she was repeatedly harassed by Moles and once even found him outside her bedroom window upon exiting her shower.  Holliston has been served with a Presentment Claim, a required prerequisite to a lawsuit against the town, as well as a demand for restitution in the amount of 8 million dollars. The claim seeks damages against Moles as well as against the town of Holliston for its failure to supervise its employee.


Prior to working for Holliston, Moles worked for the Town of Millis, Massachusetts. It is unknown if similar behaviors were the reason for the termination of his employment with that town. Moles is a long-time resident of Taunton Massachusetts. In 2015 Moles ran and lost an election for a position on the Taunton Planning Board when he received just 4% of the votes.


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March 31, 2018: World Championship Rings is a leading provider of high quality custom championship rings that come in a wide range of designs, materials and styles. Ardent lovers of various championship tournaments such as NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, AFC Football Championship, NCAA Football National Championship and NBA Champs prefer to have their very own World Series championship rings that enable them to show support for their favorite teams. World Championship Rings is a highly skilled creator of customized rings that perfectly fit the personality of the customers that buy these products. By presenting rings that stand out for their one of a kind design, World Championship Rings can perfectly cater to the needs of the buyers.

The Super Bowl Championship rings and other major tournament rings created by World Championship Rings are going to be the perfect replicas of the original rings. They are also going to feature AAA cubic zircons gemstones prong set for the best effects. The deep engraving of 3D design letters is going to enhance the look of the rings manifold. Each and every ring is hand crafted and hand polished for the best results. Based on customer requirements, the inside of the rings can also be engraved as well. All rings are made with copper materials that are plated with 14K rhodium or gold, 10kt/14kt/18kt solid real gold or genuine high quality 925 sterling silver materials.

About World Championship Rings
World Championship Rings is a reputed designer and manufacturer of championship rings that are loved by all customers.

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March 30, 2018 – It is imperative and even recommended by ophthalmologists to always wear sunglasses while going out in the daytime as it blocks both harmful UVA and UVB radiations and keeps the eyes healthy and vision sharp. While buying sunglasses people incline more towards fancy brands to make a fashion statement and look trendy as well. One of the most renowned sunglass brands in the world is Ray Ban but the high prices of their models acts as a deterrent for many people to buy them. is an online store which offers fake Ray Ban sunglasses at wholesale prices with fast shipping options worldwide including Canada, USA, and Australia. has been selling top quality Ray Ban sunglasses for over a decade now and it is impossible to distinguish their range of fake sunglasses from an original one. The online store has a wide variety of Ray Ban sunglasses of different colors, frame collection and material, lens color and features designed in a simple manner making it convenient for customers to choose from according to their body figure or face shape. Their range of Ray Ban styles includes Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Active Lifestyle, Justin, Erika, and more. The Ray Ban sunglasses size sold by are standard and can used by all people – men, women, boys and girls alike. They provide free shipping in Australia and a cheap shipping rate for other parts of the world generally taking 5 to 7 business days for delivering the sunglasses.

Individual can save up to 80%-90% on discounts by buying Ray Ban sunglasses from The store accepts most major credit cards like PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, and others. People considering buying cheap sunglasses can visit to check out their range of fancy sunglasses which are a symbol of style, fashion, and personality.

About is an online store offering top quality Ray ban sunglasses at wholesale prices which can be shipped worldwide. Their range of sunglasses are fake but nearly impossible to distinguish from original Ray Ban ones.

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Zhejiang Province, China (March 30, 2018) – Sand casting is one of the most broadly utilized casting process for producing a varied range of metal components having complex geometries. The process utilizes expendable sand molds to frame complex metal parts that can be made of about any alloy. Since the sand mold must be destroyed keeping in mind the end call, called the casting, sand casting commonly has a low production rate. The sand casting process includes the use of a heater, metal, pattern and sand mold. The metal is melted in the heater and then spooned and poured into the hole of the sand mold which is framed by the pattern. The sand mold isolates along a separating line and the cemented casting can be removed. Sand casting is used widely for the variety of benefits it has to offer. NINGBO RUICAN MACHINERY COMPANY is one of the most renowned suppliers of sand casting machined parts and has over 15 years of experience in casting and machining.

The benefits of sand casting often exceed its downsides. It creates less waste than various other machining forms, particularly since unused material can just be added to the following mold. It can accomplish an extensive variety of shapes with a short turnaround, particularly when in view of already utilized molds or standard outlines. It is likewise valuable with numerous aluminum combinations, and can be viable with parts measuring ounces or tons. NINGBO RUICAN MACHINERY COMPANY offers a range of sand casting products and of various types including green sand casting, aluminum sand casting, brass sand casting, and more.

NINGBO RUICAN MACHINERY COMPANY ships their sand casting machined parts to various parts of the world like USA, Canada, France, Denmark, Turkey, Finland, and other places. All relevant information on the general sand casting process and their machined parts is posted on this webpage –

NINGBO RUICAN MACHINERY COMPANY is a professional supplier of sand casting machined parts around different parts of the world. All their products are of superior quality adhering to highest industry standards with best prices.

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March 30, 2018: NOI: Fashion is Dead is a brand that offers handmade unisex bags that are known for their stylish designs. NOI is an environmentally conscious brand capable of bringing style and quality without destroying fauna or animal life, generating unnecessary waste or undervaluing labor work. From the very beginning, the brand has been dedicated to the cause of designing and creating bags that are not only beautiful and strikingly good looking but also quite exquisite to touch. The bags created by NOI: Fashion is Dead are also perfect to use and comes with many great features that make them user friendly for a wide range of purposes. Fashion is Dead has been a project that is inspired by two unique and polar different cultural concepts. The brand and its line of products represent the merging of distinct ideologies that give rise to beautiful and dynamically designed hand-crafted bags that are tailored to cater to the specific needs of all users. This brand has launched a crowfunding campaign in Indiegogo.

The brags created by NOI: Fashion is Dead are minimalistic yet complex which gives them their distinct appeal. The bags are structured and lined with a nice latex contour frame which helps to reinforce the main shape of these bags. The distinct signature uni-body handle helps with resistance as well as highlights the neutral base shade with the high-contrasting hues. This results in the creation of a modern, sleek and elegant design.

The bags that are offered by NOI: Fashion is Dead are designed to be easily viewed from all angles, which means that users can wear their bags in any way and leave it any side they want. They are also tailored to meet the needs of all modern consumers. All the bags have enough space for keeping different types of daily essential items like the phone, wallet, keys, cables, coins and devices. NOI: Fashion is Dead also presents innovative bag designing concepts such as Cammie, Sunnie and Ellie that come with great features of their own. The bags are characterized by waterproof exterior fabrics along with inoxidizable ironworks that prevents the bags from getting ruined when wet. The creators of these bags make use of different types of fabrics for the interiors, pockets and the exteriors. Currently the NOI: Fashion is Dead bags are seeking Indiegogo crowdfunding for their production and marketing needs and aims to raise a total funding of $10,000 USD.

About NOI: Fashion is Dead
NOI: Fashion is Dead is a company that offers environment friendly unisex bags that can be used by anyone. This brand is in need of funds and is running a campaign in Indiegogo.

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USA, March 28, 2018 – Growing complexity in the world of online dating in terms of hidden fees and security has been a constant threat to Individuals looking for ideal partners through these platforms. With however, global dating enthusiasts have finally found solace in this respect. Launched in 2009, presently ranks among the top 100 free dating websites and is 100% free of cost with no hidden charges. Topped with a host of superior interactive features, this online dating site has gained a competitive edge that none can match.

Be it teenagers looking for dates, women looking for men or even seniors looking for friends for long term relationships, accommodates the interests of all and more. In fact, this is also a well recognized Christian dating and speed dating site that has helped thousands of people develop safe and meaningful relationships with the blink of an eye. The process of registering with is very quick, easy and safe making it a hassle free experience for all.

About is a 100% free dating website that is open to users not only in the USA but all over the world. The company has gained massive popularity for living up to their promises of offering 100% free services with no hidden costs while offering a host of advanced features like video chatting and more.

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March 20, 2018- CACHET Hospitality Group is the management and lifestyle of hospitality branding firm with an office established in Shanghai, Bangkok, and Angeles. The CHG’s mission represents social responsibility and leading innovative hospitality industry management in North America and the Asia Pacific with expansion into New York City and Cabo San Lucas.

Many projects are currently engaging in the development and CHG take a look at establishing properties located in Southeast Asia, the Americas and the Greater China. The Alexander Mirza is the CACHET hospitality group CEO, Co-founder, and Wahburgers Asia Pacific JV co-chairman.

The bigger senior management group of hospitality experience about 75 years obtaining luxury, fine dining, personalization, and innovation at the business model core make hotel business profitable and responsible. The Alex Mirza had great experience in the travel, government sectors, and hospitality management.

The leveraging synergies are accessible by the division of complementary business and create awareness on deepening consumer relationships, build valuable, awareness of hotel portfolio and undergo brand equity for investors, developers, and hotel proprietors. The Cachet Hotel Group is looking for the partners to contribute mission and vision as well regions of specific interest in mixed-use projects, retail opportunities, residential branding and hotel management balance in the CHGs mission.

About cachethotelgroup:-

The industries of fashion, technology, and entertainment pull the customer’s attention and look for the innovation personalized experience to complement personality and lifestyle.

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March 20, 2018- Now anyone can easily find the best lending services from Slick Cash Loan through online. When it comes to choosing the best loan provider it is always important to compare different aspects. Basically, the loan providers offer different deals to the people to meet your exact needs but it is essential for choosing best offers to cover different financial situations. Choosing payday loan from can be useful in the different situation. It is the important factor to avoid extra interest or fees.

In addition to this people can easily repay loans in a fast manner but before going to take the loans it is also important to take the guidelines to choose best types of loans to meet people’s financial needs. Apart from the personal loan, one can easily take the installment loan from through online. Normally, the personal and installment loans fall in the long or short term range a longer amortization means the payments will be low so it is really easy to make.

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Taking payday loan from Slick Cash Loan is always easy and comfortable. Getting installment loan is one of the important choices to start a business in the proper manner. Due to the less processing time, most of the people approach the online lender to get business or personal loans from

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