Do Your Data introduces Software for Permanently Deleting Files from Mac Computers


The file eraser for Mac introduced by Do Your Data gives Mac users the opportunity to permanently delete or shred files from a Mac, SSD/HDD with storage media. The data erasure methods are a hundred percent certified and make it possible for those using Mac computers to get rid of unwanted files and other data as and when they need to, quickly and easily. The file eraser for Mac is one that can be used without complications. There are no data recovery methods that facilitate the recovery of erased folders or files. The file eraser can also be used in a safe and secure manner. It does not damage the computer, device or system in which it is used.

Mac users can permanently erase as many files as they want to from their Mac hard drive and other storage media device like digital camera, USB flash drive, memory card etc. The file eraser for Mac is one that is quite affordably priced and is therefore well suited for Mac users of every budget. There is a free trial version that potential customers can check out, in order to determine if the product is really worth buying or not.

About Do Your Data:
Do Your Data is a well known online store that is committed to providing its customers with high quality data recovery software products for Windows and Mac computers and devices as well as for IPhone. Its data erasers for Windows, Mac and IPhone are hugely effective and easily affordable at the same time.

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