CharnaToken is a low fee, instant payment method


Wilmington, Delaware (MARCH 05, 2018) – In today’s advancing age, with the great development in technology, the economy of countries are changing dramatically. In fact, a new type of currency is on the rise, in the form of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is basically an asset of digital origins, which has its base wound around the use of cryptography and is used as a medium of exchange. In this way, it acts similar to money, but is applicable in the virtual world. It can then be converted into actual money once it has been received by the parties involved in the digital transaction. One such cryptocurrency is CharnaToken, which has taken the internet by storm. This Token has garnered a huge amount of interest recently due to a number of reasons.

“Our token delivers the value cryptocurrency enthusiasts expect. Cryptocurrency instant payment has now become a reality with our state of the art technological advancement. Our network is totally secure and safe to use, even when large amounts of digital currency is involved. Our cryptocurrency is totally commercially usable, with Stellar Network providing our backbone, up to 450 million in total CharnaToken supply, so that even the largest sums of money can be transferred digitally and safely all over the world”, stated a representative.

CharnaToken currently has Three (3) commercial business already using the token as one option for clients to pay for services. The business now using CharnaToken as a payment option include SwanSeaHost, KolesCoinNews (KCN) and Prologica Technologia. These companies were early supporters of CharnaToken and believe it will deliver great long term value.

About is a website which is used for handling cryptocurrency with sums as large as 450 million in total supply. It offers utility tokens and is a product of the Stellar Network, with integrations into other Stellar Network apps.

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