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(June 20, 2018) – Stringent work deadlines, constant daily pressures, and the fast pacing world provide no restitute to the already burdened mind. Redeeming the soul and spirit with quirky fun articles and witty humor can be refreshing.

Gagnova is one of the leading online entertainment media company targeting to deliver many Funny and comedic categories of content.

Their terrific media includes thousands of freshly curated videos, interesting articles, fun memes, and videos, comic gags, and GIFs, trendy topics, WTF pictures along with new animes. They pride in their steady increasing views per month and attract a tremendous viewership all over the world.

Being one of the top-notch, hilarious and favorite entertainment websites, Gagnova is unique through her unique perspective content and excessively funny excerpts. Their knock-out comedy and captivating content reach a large extent of viewers easily in the world of comedy and humor.

About Gagnova:
A brilliant and a thoughtful vision to spread humor and create an exclusive platform to entertain audience all over the world with new as well as extraordinary articles, videos, memes, and pictures led to the origin of Gagnova. The teams of driven, artistic and ingenious entertainment professionals produce and categorize the worthy content efficiently. Gagnova is the home of great humor, slick concepts, and fantastic articles.

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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (June 18, 2018) – When an organization aims at helping the victim of wars in the Middle East on a huge scale, a joint effort will be beneficial. Emirati Corporations has the right understanding in this respect. The corporate always feel excited about standing by such a quality leap in bringing down the burdens of victims and refugees.

With the motto of lending a helping hand to the refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian Camp in Jordan, the corporation extended their support to the ISRA University, SIHO/UniRef, and Jordan Red Crescent. The corporation extended the aid in the form of Al Badie Group to provide monetary support for the project based on the instruction from the CEO and Vice President of the Group Mr. Khaled Al Badie. The Co-founder of SIHO Ms. Yvelyne Wood expressed her deepest gratitude on behalf of her organization to the management of the Al Badie Group for their invaluable support to the noble initiative.

With a view to extending the best support to the refugees, UniRef in collaboration with the main educational partner ISRA University has planned to establish a form of higher education. Here, the curriculum will be Arabic and will be designed in such a way that it will be adaptable to the requirements of the young refugees in the Jordanian-Emirati Camp in Jordan.

About Al Badie Group:
In addition to being a leader in the business domain in Dubai, Al Badie Group is also extending the support to the noble causes.

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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (June 18, 2018) – Education to all without any difference in nationality, religion, gender, and age is the objective of UniRef. This international Swiss Humanitarian Charity Organization has taken a step towards their goal. With this motto, they have framed a new project. The target of this new project is to educate refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian Camp in Jordan. For this new project, UniRef has successfully equipped the camp with a kind of proper vocational training and university education that is made available to more than 750,000 refugees.

With the formation of this new project, UniRef very well knows that it is something that cannot be done all alone. They know that a collaboration of efforts is important. So, with the joint efforts of Jordan Red Crescent, the Al-Isra University, and the Al-Badie Group, this project is going to be a great success.

The Al Badie Group is represented by its Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of Mr. Khaled Al Badie. Mr. Al Badie declared that “Al Badie Group saved no effort in supporting this endeavor whether by funding or by assigning key expertise such as Dr. Yaseen AlKamas, the COO of the group, who was involved personally in the UniRef Mission”.

In fact, for the implementation of the UniRef Mission, the Al Badie Group contributed a great share and a major benefit was given to the war victims in the Middle East under this mission.

About Al Badie Group:
On behalf of the Al Badie Group, Mr. Khaled Al Badie, the CEO and VP of the Al Badie Group holds 51% of share with the UniTeam.

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Grey industries are the ones that look forward to the emergence of new technology as most of industries of this kind can ride the wave to transform and upgrade to develop into new business models. As the 2018 Russian World Cup is around the corner, the blockchain is also sweeping across the gambling industry worldwide.

Sports prediction industry has been soaring in recent years, especially during each World Cup. According to IBAS, the total prediction volume had reached almost USD 20bn worldwide before the semi-finals of 2002 World Cup. In 2014 Brazil World Cup, this number even soared by more than ten folds, exceeding USD 220bn.

Meanwhile, the concept of blockchain gets popular worldwide, generating an optimized prediction module together with the gambling industry. Blockchain technology provides a new mentality and operating module for gambling industry. There are increasingly more sports prediction platforms based on blockchain and smart contract flooding into the market, making 2018 World Cup more tempting.

To my knowledge, there are more than 1000 blockchain prediction and prediction platforms including overseas players such as ContractBet, UniGame, and BattleWin. Take the company as an example. As a new baby, it is getting increasingly hot because this platform adopts prediction mechanism with smart contract. Players can get free CBT after prediction and prediction. CBT is the only pass and stake proof on it. It takes only 0.001ETH and does not incur any service fee, enabling common fans who are stopped by the high threshold to also play on the result of the World Cup. Therefore, it is quite popular among common fans. During the World Cup, Contractbet provides an offer-playing on England to get 1 BTC. Every player is eligible to win a 1 BTC if they play on England to be the champion. This incentive triggers vast interest as 1BTC is quite attractive. Event details:

WICC and Zhib also hold similar campaigns – 100 Thousand Candy Drops to Celebrate the World Cup. Delphy also adopts the same event as their key event during the World Cup. Every platform is showcasing their best to seize a ground in the Marketing War during World Cup. The beneficiary is, of course, us, the player and football fans. The prediction system based on blockchain does not only reshape the operating mechanism and business model of the gambling industry, but also saves cost, benefitting many players directly. After all, traditional prediction platforms which adopt centralized structure incur high operating cost and take monopoly position, therefore, they do not have the motivation to offer aggressive incentive like this because they do not find it necessary to compete for users. The blockchain technology overrules this dynamic, putting the right in the hands of players, resulting in a more free, fair and transparent order in lottery market.
It is said in The Moon and Sixpence that there are sixpences all over the ground, but only he sees the moon. This also applies to the gambling market. This industry is mixed before the emergence of blockchain technology and it is hard to tell the quality. In addition, this industry is grey so the prospect is not clear. It was even once stigmatized and kept outside of mainstream market.

With the introduction of blockchain, the World Cup gambling and the whole industry are clearer and rise to a new aptitude. As the growth of trade volume and user population accelerates, the rules are becoming more transparent and competitive and the experience is getting more humane and efficient. However, the prediction platform based on blockchain also comes across a question: with so many applications, which has the real blood of blockchain? Who can see the moon faced with sixpences all over the ground? As mentioned before, there are more than 1000 prediction platforms of this kind worldwide, which can outperform the others, whether in terms of incentive or strategic planning. Only time can tell.

No matter which application is the final winner, the main tone of the prediction industry is positive. After all, the combination of blockchain and prediction itself is a frog leap. Blockchain can help with cutting credit cost, improving efficiency, reducing commercial risk, optimizing experience environment, deeply transforming the gambling industry and its operation.

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High Performance Systems Corporation has been providing quality resinous flooring products and installation since 1988. This family owned and operated business has worked hard to develop a reputation in the industrial flooring business as a trustworthy and honest contractor. Their hard work has paid off as they have quickly become one of the leading resinous flooring experts in warehouse epoxy flooring in the Northeastern region. When asked what he credits the company’s success to the current president, Jeffrey Smedley, said “It’s because we take great care in knowing the latest and best epoxy products and providing the best customer service in the industry.”

Epoxy products are the most popular resinous flooring product for warehouses because they are economical, are available in a variety of formulations, and provide excellent wear and abrasion resistance. They can also be formulated to provide benefits such as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dust-proofing, and slip resistance. HPS Corp has gained the trust of warehouse operators by taking the time to talk to plant managers to understand their needs and concerns so that they can accurately specify the flooring product. Once they understand the plant manager’s needs they then complete a thorough sit survey to produce an accurate record of existing conditions and contaminants, typical chemical exposure, and amount of foot and vehicle traffic. They also put in the extra effort in surface preparation needed to ensure a long-lasting, durable epoxy floor.

When HPS Corp started over 30 years ago they were installing epoxy floors for local businesses in New Jersey. Since then they have greatly expanded and in the last year HPS Corp has completed over 30 epoxy flooring systems for warehouses in the Northeastern region. While HPS Corp is proud of how far they have come they still have room to grow which, means they need to keep learning and improving. HPS Corp is also not settling for just being the Northeastern leader in warehouse flooring as they offer a multitude of resinous flooring services across the nation to various industries using a robust catalog of resinous products.

To learn more about High Performance Systems Corp’s warehouse flooring and all of their other services check out their website at

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High Performance Systems
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Middlesex, NJ 08846
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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (June 18, 2018) – At times of hardships like war situations, medical help is something that becomes important. Understanding this, the international healthcare service provider Aspen Medical Launched a project in Iraq. Aspen Medical pays attention to assisting remote and rural communities in responding to critical and emergency situations. The objective of the project is to extend medical help to Iraqis at difficult times.

With this objective, Aspen Medical thought about extending Trauma Centers. The centers were not born easily. The reason is the intricacy associated with the situation in Iraq. They found that a lot of planning had to be done. At this planning period, Aspen Medical along with their sister concern Abu Dhabi Uniteam successfully brought together the efforts of Iraqi officials, civilians and NGOs and even corporations in Arabic nations to secure everything they required to bring the project to reality.

A major shareholder at the Abu Dhabi Uniteam and the CEO and VP of Al Badie Group, Mr. Khaled Al Badie expressed that “The Corporate World has a duty toward its beneficiaries that goes well beyond business and trade”. By uttering these words, he also expressed that the Al Badie Group’s support to the Aspen Medical is just a minor contribution to restore faith in humanity. The first fruit of this mission was extended on the 24th of March 2017 in the form of a 48-bed trauma field hospital in Upper Athuba, Mosul, Iraq. Thereafter a second center was also established.

About Al Badie Group:
Al Badie Group believes that some contributions are to be made on humanitarian grounds as well apart from the contribution to the business world.

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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (June 18, 2018) – The top management of Al Badie Group and the founders of UniRef extended an invitation to the Pearl Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi to host a presentation of UniRef’s Pioneering mission to provide University Education for refugees.

A presentation on the humanitarian project developed by the Swiss International Humanitarian Organization (UniRef) in collaboration with the Al Badie Group and also other organizations like ISRA University and Jordan Red Cresent was hosted at the Pearl Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi with the tagline as “Let’s Build the Future through Education”.

The schedule of the conference encompassed a detailed introduction to the University Education program of UniRef. It was also explained how the program can give hundreds of refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian Camp access to higher education with the help of competent personnel and cutting-edge technology.

At the conference, the co-founders of the UniRef extended their thanks to the Management Board and also the CEO and VP of the Al Badie Group Mr. Khaled Al Badie for making a major contribution in executing the plan of providing financial support to this noble cause of educating the refugees on an humanitarian ground.

About Al Badie Group:
The Al Badie Group has extended a great name in different industries in Dubai. Apart from making huge contributions to the growth of the nation, the group also contributes by lending a helping hand to people in real need.

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Keighley, West Yorkshire, (June 16, 2018): The Whiteboard Shop is one of the biggest whiteboard suppliers to colleges, schools, offices and even homes in the UK. The company offers a huge variety of noticeboards and whiteboards to everywhere in the UK mainland, entirely free of cost. This helps reduce the costs for end users.

The online store offers all the products at economical rates by selling the items directly to customers from the manufacturer, and avoiding middle men in the entire process. Customers can get ordered products at fast as possible, usually only in a few days. The Whiteboard Shop has a secure purchase order placement system.

The company is known for its wide range of superior products, with a promise of sale of items with 0% VAT. The store has many different items on offer, including Magnetic Whiteboard, Glass Whiteboard, Classic Whiteboard, Drywipe Aluminium Framed Whiteboard, Aluminum Framed Noticeboard and more. Buyers associated to the academic sector can get 10% off on every product that is sold. The promise of high quality and affordability makes the store a top choice for customers across the UK.

About The Whiteboard Shop
The Whiteboard Shop is an online store that sells high quality noticeboards and whiteboards to homes, businesses and schools. It is known for free and fast delivery of these products in UK Mainland.

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Charlotte, North Carolina (June 11th, 2018) – Harmany Inc, a Charlotte-based mobile application startup, has developed a product to help thousands of evacuees rendered temporarily homeless by major disruptive events. The app safely matches evacuees with willing hosts for short stays of up to seven days.

It is free to download and use, and is now available for download on Android an iOS devices.
“People have grown tired of watching disasters unfold, with no way to help until much later,” says Harmany Co-Founder Adam Huminsky. “Harmany was created to give everyone the ability to make a difference in the moment.”

Evacuees and hosts create simple profiles detailing their needs and offerings. After completing a series of security measures, profiles are visible on an interactive map. Harmany believes secure matches can be made in as little as two hours.

“Sleeping in a gas station parking lot is not a viable option,” said Mr. Huminsky. “We thought there must be a better solution, and we believe this is it.”

David Paul, Chief Meteorologist, WTVY-TV, agrees. “Harmany fills a glaring need, that is, a way to connect those in need with those willing to help. The meteorological community has been waiting for a service like this for decades!”

In addition to finding safe shelter, Harmany believes there will be other benefits. Evacuations can often cost a family as much as $5,000* due to high demand for food, gas and hotel rooms. With shorter travel times and less crowding on the roads, Harmany believes surge pricing will decline.

Travel will be safer, too. “Public infrastructure has become increasingly vulnerable to unexpected events,” says Neil Burke, Professional Transportation Planner and member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. “This tool will improve mobility and enhance safety for all users.”

About Harmany
Harmany was founded in September 2017 with a mission to connect people in need with people who care. Adam Huminsky and Brian Hilinski watched millions of evacuees fleeing Hurricane Irma and decided to do something to help. Harmany was recently a presenter at the National Tropical Weather Conference in Texas.

Phone: 704-713-7408
Address: 10433 Rocking Chair Rd, Matthews, NC 28105

A new app connects hurricane evacuees with people willing to host – the ‘Uber for disasters’, The Washington Post, June 2018:

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