High Performance Systems Corporation Is Quickly Becoming The Northeastern Leader In Warehouse Epoxy Flooring


High Performance Systems Corporation has been providing quality resinous flooring products and installation since 1988. This family owned and operated business has worked hard to develop a reputation in the industrial flooring business as a trustworthy and honest contractor. Their hard work has paid off as they have quickly become one of the leading resinous flooring experts in warehouse epoxy flooring in the Northeastern region. When asked what he credits the company’s success to the current president, Jeffrey Smedley, said “It’s because we take great care in knowing the latest and best epoxy products and providing the best customer service in the industry.”

Epoxy products are the most popular resinous flooring product for warehouses because they are economical, are available in a variety of formulations, and provide excellent wear and abrasion resistance. They can also be formulated to provide benefits such as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dust-proofing, and slip resistance. HPS Corp has gained the trust of warehouse operators by taking the time to talk to plant managers to understand their needs and concerns so that they can accurately specify the flooring product. Once they understand the plant manager’s needs they then complete a thorough sit survey to produce an accurate record of existing conditions and contaminants, typical chemical exposure, and amount of foot and vehicle traffic. They also put in the extra effort in surface preparation needed to ensure a long-lasting, durable epoxy floor.

When HPS Corp started over 30 years ago they were installing epoxy floors for local businesses in New Jersey. Since then they have greatly expanded and in the last year HPS Corp has completed over 30 epoxy flooring systems for warehouses in the Northeastern region. While HPS Corp is proud of how far they have come they still have room to grow which, means they need to keep learning and improving. HPS Corp is also not settling for just being the Northeastern leader in warehouse flooring as they offer a multitude of resinous flooring services across the nation to various industries using a robust catalog of resinous products.

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