The Khaled Al Badi Group Assists Efforts to Provide University Education for Jordan’s Refugees


Abu Dhabi, (Jun 18, 2018): The Khaled Al Badi Group, a prominent Arabic corporation, will provide a lion’s share of the funding that is required, in order to implement university education for refugees in a camp in Jordan. The Red Crescent has a refugee camp under its supervision and a collaborative venture has been initiated by the Red Crescent in partnership with the Khaled Al Badi Group, Isra University and a number of other interactional actors to provide university level education in this camp for the benefit of refugees. The Swiss based charity organization Uni-Ref is also a major partner in this particular initiative.

The funding provided by the Khaled Al Badi Group will help to sponsor higher education in this refugee camp, thus assisting war torn victims in the Middle Eastern region to bring back some semblance of normalcy and stability to their lives.

About the Khaled Al Badi Group:
The Khaled Al Badi Group is a thriving corporation in Abu Dhabi that has been established by Khaled Al Badi, and who is also presently the CEO of this group. Mr. Khaled Al Badi believes very strongly in supporting humanitarian causes and in making financial aid available to victims of war and destruction in the Middle East.

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