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About Raybans-Canada.Tumblr.Com:
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New York, NY (Aug 14, 2018) – Originally established in New York, Vona Consulting has expanded internationally with three offices in China that offers companies, entrepreneurs and startups with solutions for professional Chinese manufacturing and sourcing services. The company has experience with manufacturing in electronics, garments, metals, plastics and wood.

Vona Consulting is a fully featured service designed specifically for small to medium sized enterprises and startups with a step-by-step model and a flexible payment method. The company excels at providing protection for intellectual property rights (IPR) and offers free, no-obligation quotes. Manufacturing costs are typically 46 percent less than domestic costs.

Those new to Chinese manufacturing can encounter numerous challenges. Vona Consulting eliminates problems navigating language barriers and cultural differences, Chinese laws and regulations, and IPR protection and trademarking. The company’s experts assist with product quality assurance and inspection, payment handling, logistics and shipping, the import/export process, and customs.

A major problem for many entrepreneurs and smaller companies is financing. Vona Consulting has helped startups obtain the funding they required through crowdfunding resources and works closely with clients throughout each phase. Clients are provided with samples for their approval before any mass production takes place and the company helps with custom packaging and labels for a truly professional appearance.

Vona Consulting has extensive experience with China manufacturing companies that specialize in multiple areas that include apparel, textile and the jewelry industry. High-end electronics can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost that encompasses cameras, smart watches and VR/AR glasses.

An extensive range of plastic products can be produced through the use of injection, extrusion and blow molding and vacuum forming. Metal products can be created through stamping, welding, casting and machining. Finishes include polishing, plating, pickling and passivation.

Production for a myriad of household and kitchen items, pet products, and functional and decorative garden merchandise can be established. Wooden items are in high demand, from toys and craft items to customized wooden parts, all of which can be arranged through China manufacturing companies.

Vona Consulting provides businesses, entrepreneurs and startups with a complete package of services designed for success. The company has extensive experience with a wide range of respected China manufacturing companies that can provide custom services for clients in a variety of industries and niche markets around the globe.

About Vona Consulting
Vona Consulting is registered in the U.S. and China, with offices in New York and Ningbo. We help businesses take advantage of all that China has to offer. We bring a global perspective, along with in-depth knowledge of the multifaceted issues and challenges that U.S. companies face in China. Our reputation lies in building lasting relationships with our clients and in a focus on delivering value-added professional services with world-class capabilities.

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Vona Consulting
U.S. Phone: 1-212-457-1068
China Phone: 86-0574-83038167



China (Aug 14, 2018) - People around the world are in need of human hair for a wide variety of aesthetic reasons. Individuals want to change their hair style, while others require replacement hair for alopecia or after cancer treatments. Virgin Hair Vendor fills those needs with wholesale hair in weaves, full wigs in lace up and front closure styles, extensions, clip hair and tape-hair.

The hair factory offers virgin Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair that can be cut, curled, dyed, straightened and styled to accommodate any personal preference. The company collects non-dyed hair directly from donors and preserves color variations for a completely natural look.

The hair is available in multiple lengths and is free of any unpleasant processing odors. With proper care, the hair has a lifetime of 12-18 months and is offered in multiple grades. It features healthy cuticles for a healthy, polished shine. Colors encompass the spectrum, from brown, dark brown and black to blond, gray, red and ombre. Mink eyelashes are also available in multiple styles.

One of the newest trends in hair extensions is tape-in hair and it’s the most requested option in salons around the world. Also known as fusion extensions, they provide length and volume for individuals that have fine or thin hair, are easy to maintain, and provides versatility for hair styles. The hair vendor offers tape hair in a rainbow of colors.

Virgin Hair Vendor also has micro ring hair that’s popular in high-end salons and boutiques by clients that seek a longer term extension solution. The wholesale hair factory offers clip-in hair extensions that are in high demand by individuals that want to add highlights, volume or lowlights.

Whether individuals are seeking to change their look, camouflage thinning hair, or restore their confidence after hair loss, the company provides high quality wigs in multiple styles to accommodate any need. They’re available in frontal, lace frontal, lace closures, and three-part closures for exceptional versatility when styling.

The Virgin Hair Vendor is a leading provider of wigs, extensions and accessories to upscale salons around the world. The wholesale hair factory features high quality virgin Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair in multiple styles, lengths and colors for high-end hair boutiques and their unique clientele.

About Virgin Hair Vendor
Virgin Hair Vendor has its own workshop and factory outlets. The company has a wide range of hair products to satisfy customers’ different requirements in salons and the world of fashion around the globe.

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Virgin Hair Vendor
Phone: +8615018763458



Shenzhen, China (Aug 14, 2018) - Tungsten is a rare metal that occurs naturally and its one of the hardest materials on the planet, surpassing even titanium. An alloy of tungsten and carbon to create tungsten carbide is used in a variety of industries and TC Tungsten-Carbide is a leader in creating custom bushings, sleeves, nozzles, rods and seals.

The tungsten carbide bushings available from TC Tungsten-Carbide are utilized worldwide in applications that include drills, flanges and valves, along with water, oil and slurry pumps. Bushings, bushing sleeves, seals, rods and strips are available.

TC Tungsten-Carbide can accommodate wire drawing dies for metal wires and optical fibers. When copper, aluminum, steel or spiral wire is drawn through the die hole, it reduces in size and changes shape for use in multiple industries. The die nibs are highly wear resistant for durability.

The company offers polished tungsten carbide seal rings for compressor shafts and mechanical pumps that carry a one-year warranty. They’re wear resistant, have anti-corrosion properties and can be obtained in unground or polished for use in oil refineries, petrochemical plants and the mechanical industry.

The tungsten carbide rolls available at TC Tungsten-Carbide are widely used in mechanical descaling and rolling mills. Both smooth, notched, V, R and U-grooved types are available and feature low porosity and high impact toughness. Also offered are highly cost effective tungsten carbide nozzles for sandblasting, shot blasting, and surface treatments in the paint, electronic and chemical industries. They’re offered in four-slot threaded varieties and a myriad of complex shapes.

Tungsten carbide bushing sleeves for valve gas pipes are created are crafted from 100 percent virgin tungsten carbide for use within the petrochemical, black water and waste water industries. Straight cylindrical slurry pump bushings are available and all types have exceptional galling resistance for use in oil, gas, slurry, acid and liquid mediums.

Tungsten carbide rods have multiple applications and are offered with straight or spiral coolant holes and in single or multiple-hole styles. Tungsten carbide rods are available for micro PCB drill cutting tools, and the TC strips are available for the woodworking industry, sand making machine crushers, agricultural equipment, and non-standard electrode customization.

The wide range of offerings at TC Tungsten-Carbide provides multiple industries with almost endless possibilities. The company’s tungsten carbide products are cost effective options that are precision crafted for long life in any usage.

About TC Tungsten-Carbide
Our company is a cemented carbide manufacturer in China and is dedicated to providing customers with integrated wear and cutting solutions. Our factory strictly controls the production process and product quality to provide customers with products that are cost effective and satisfying. We strive to develop new Wolfram carbide products to meet the changing market demands. The company has ICP-OES, infrared carbon and sulfur, metallographic microscope, coercive force, laser and image measuring equipment and has the ability for chemical composition, organization, physical and mechanical properties and dimensional inspection of cemented carbide.

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TC Tungsten-Carbide
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Shandong, China (Aug 14, 2018) – Large farms that help feed the world has necessitated changes in the way that farmers manage their silage. One of those alterations has been through the assistance of silage wrap products by AGRI Products Industrial Limited to store large amounts of hay, grass, and other types of green fodder for winter animal feeding or when poor pastures result from drought and other problems.

Silage wrap allows farmers to preserve the bounty of pastureland, while maintaining as many nutrients as possible. The company provides green silage wrap film and bale net wrap to accommodate a variety of needs anywhere in the world. Custom cartons are available.

The company’s green silage wrap film features a technologically advanced five-layer stretchable film for durability during the bale wrapping process. The film is able to withstand UV exposure for up to 12 months, is tear resistant and has a high-density water resistant core to minimize waste. Black silage film is also available for markets in the UK and Ireland.

Silage wrap also offers bale net wrap with 100 percent original high density polyethylene (HDPE) materials that’s combined with UV stabilizers. It’s widely used around the world, particularly in Canada, Europe and the U.S. Bale net wrap is more cost effective than twine and can reduce losses by up to 65 percent over traditional twine wrapping.

Net wrap is used extensively in Spain, Iceland, Chile, Finland and New Zealand, along with other worldwide locales. It reduces time when baling, is easier to use than twine, and makes the bale surface smoother. It can improve the quality of hay, while reducing weather-related losses.

The use of silage wrap involves far more than the storage of bales. The wrap must ensure a desirable taste for livestock and maintain herd health, save on labor and fuel costs, minimize wastage, and provide optimal meat and milk production. Silage wrap is created to meet those requirements in multiple environments around the globe.

The silage wrap film and bale net wrap offered by AGRI Products Industrial Limited provides a cost effective solution for livestock farmers and ranchers in a wide range of environments. It enables farms to preserve extensive pastureland acreage for feeding in the winter months and when pasture yields are insufficient.

About AGRI Products Industrial Limited
AGRI Products is a family-owned business company based in the mainland China, mainly engaged in agricultural packaging material production. We offer a variety of finishes and types of agricultural packaging products that includes silage wrap film, bale net wrap, stretch film, and waste wrap film. AGRI Products Industrial Limited’s passion is to provide intelligent, steady and reliable agricultural packaging products and world-class professional service.

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AGRI Products Industrial Limited
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Jinan, China (Aug 14, 2018) - The manufacturing process for furniture, automotive parts and consumer goods has changed radically with the modern technology available and Rushing Speed is on the forefront of computer numerical control (CNC) machines for multiple industries.

The CNC machines produced by Rushing Speed are multi-faceted pieces of equipment that feature intelligent links to other nested machines. The equipment requires only one to two people to operate, providing savings on labor costs, and the machines load and unload automatically. Rushing Speed offers multiple types of CNC wood routers to accommodate the widest range of needs.

The CNC Axis Processing Center Router from Rushing Speed is particularly beneficial in the wood processing industry. It provides a single, cost effective solution for cutting, drilling, trimming and prototype work that can be accessed from all angles. The CNC wood router can be easily integrated with a company’s current CAM and engineering software.

The CNC Cutting & Drilling Router is a favorite of companies that build kitchen cabinetry, panel furniture and wooden furniture. The flying-arm type woodworking CNC router is appropriate for small and large boards, features auto clamp functionality and is designed with double work stations. It cuts, drills, mills and performs side grooving.

Foam can be one of the most difficult materials with which to work, but the CNC Foam Making Router offers a solution for high-speed actions ranging from milling to side grooving. It’s suitable for wood pattern casting, auto industry stamping and trim, engineering non-plastics, and non-metal processing.

For companies that require an elevated level of processing power, the CNC Five-Faces provides maximum efficiency, an automatic loading pallet, automatic unloading, and mechanical grippers. The CNC wood router only requires one person for all processing and features intelligent linking to other machines. It’s equally appropriate for cabinetry, furniture, plastic and PVC, insulating parts, organic glass, acrylic, artificial stone and aluminum.

The wide variety of CNC router machines offered by Rushing Speed are highly prized in woodworking industries for their durability, versatility, and zero-error manufacturing and finishing. The equipment is cost effective and used by a wide variety of the most well-known companies worldwide for precision manufacturing.

About Rushing Speed CNC Equipment & Machine Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2004 as a small-scale repair shop in Jinan, China, Rushing Speed has grown to become a global maker and designer in some kinds of CNC machines, CNC router machines, high precision CNC professional center machines, and CNC Water Jet cutting machines. Marketed domestically and exported to five continents, the machines are used in wood furniture manufacturing, automobile and automotive components manufacturing, consumer goods, and industrial machinery and equipment. The name is synonymous with quality, technology and reliable products and services.

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Rushing Speed
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Qingdao, China (Aug 14, 2018) – Colored fire pit and fire glass are some of the most highly sought types of glass in the world. It’s tempered to withstand the high heat requirements of modern fire pits and gas fireplaces. KingNod Glass specializes in glass for the fire pit that won’t burn, melt or become discolored, even with extensive use.

The fire pit glass offered by KingNod Glass is tempered to the highest specifications, available in multiple colors, and undergoes an extensive tumbling and polishing process to ensure there are no sharp or rough edges. Fire glass can withstand temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit (760 Celsius) and can be used with propane and natural gas.

There’s no toxic ash, fumes, smoke or soot with glass for the fire pit and the wide variety of colors offered by the company makes it highly attractive to retail customers, enabling them to match their fire glass to any décor. Fire pit glass is available in multiple sizes as beads, rocks, chips and stones. It’s also offered in crushed mirrored and reflective glass.

Fire glass is appropriate for indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, fire pans and fire tables. It sparkles, shines and reflects firelight to enhance ambiance wherever it’s used. The extensive array of fire glass offered by KingNod Glass has made the company a premier provider of the specialty glass around the world.

An increasing number of companies are seeing an elevated demand for fire glass for uses in decorative landscaping around plants instead of mulch, in aquariums and fish ponds, to line walkways, and as elements of terrazzo paving. The fire glass is an easy way to add color to landscapes during winter months and in areas prone to droughts. It requires very little maintenance and if fire glass becomes dusty, it can be easily removed and washed to restore it to pristine condition.

The extensive range of quality fire glass and colors available at KingNod Glass has made it one of the premiere providers to suppliers and distributers around the globe. The tempered glass for fire pits is also a favorite with landscapers as accents for fountains, flower beds, and water features for their residential and commercial customers.

About KingNod Glass
KingNod Glass is an experienced manufacturer of landscape glass, decorative glass, fireplace glass, crushed glass, glass grit, glass granules and other glass products. The process used by the company saves energy, protects the environment and is helping to make the world a colorful place. KingNod Glass products are widely used in construction decoration, landscape building, fireplace, terrazzo, sandblasting media, crafts material and other areas.

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KingNod Glass
Phone: +86-532-6606-0752



Jian’ou, China (Aug. 13, 2018) – Knotted bamboo skewers should be a staple utensil in the kitchen of anyone that barbeques at home, caters events, or operates a restaurant. They’re convenient, cost effective and disposable for quick cleanup. They’re also eco-friendly and Fujian Jian’ou Rijia Bamboo & Wood Products is a leading provider of knotted bamboo skewers for home and commercial use around the world.

The versatile skewers offer an ideal solution for kebabs of any type. They’re designed with a point on one end for easily skewering foods and have a decorative twist or “stop” on the other end that eliminates droppage that occurs with ordinary skewers. They’re equally appropriate for use with garnishes, appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, are available in multiple sizes, and add a finishing touch for an array of foods.

It’s easy to be creative with flat bamboo skewers or knotted bamboo skewers. They offer an ideal solution for fondue, dipping fruit in a chocolate fountain and toasting marshmallows. Skewers can be used to create an edible bouquet, for easy sampling of cheese platters, and even steaming vegetables.

There’s something inherently fun about food on a stick and bamboo skewers add a festive air to any meal whether it’s an informal event or a sit-down dinner. They’re especially convenient for rough camping, glamping, and take up very little space.

One of the major advantages of flat bamboo skewers and knotted bamboo skewers is that they don’t heat up like metal skewers. They remain cool to the touch, making them a much better option for use in environments in which children will be present. Bamboo skewers can also be used to test baked goods, as stir sticks or to whisk an egg.

One of the most practical and important features of bamboo skewers bulk is that they’re an environmentally friendly solution and bamboo is one of the most sustainable woods in the world. The skewers can be tossed in the trash or used in composting projects as they decompose relatively quickly.

Knotted bamboo skewers and flat bamboo skewers offer home entertainers, caterers and restaurants with a convenient and efficient way to cook, serve and eat food in any venue. Environmentally friendly and cost effective, they’re an essential kitchen implement that can be used over a fire, in the freezer or refrigerator and on the table.

About Fujian Jian’ou Rijia Bamboo & Wood Products
Established in 2001, Jian’ou Rijia Bamboo & Wood Products Co., Ltd. is located in Jian’ou, north of Fujian, which is famous as “The Hometown of Bamboo in China.” The company specializes in manufacturing bamboo products that includes bamboo flower sticks, bamboo chopsticks and bamboo skewers. The company grows its own bamboo for the products it creates and provides a one-stop resource from raw material processing, product manufacturing, packing design and transportation.

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Jian’ou Rijia Bamboo & Wood Products Co., Ltd.
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China (August 11, 2018) - Founded back in the year 2005, Dong Guan Sincere Tech of China has established itself into the most top-notch and credible manufacturer of plastic molds. Based in China, this manufacturing company looks after everything for the clients, from design to technical issues and caters to their requirements with dedication and care.   The team of Sincere Tech curates the perfect designs that suit the products of the clients and save their cost.

Be it die casting, plastic mold or injection mold, Sincere tech is a trusted name in the manufacturing industry.  The team of this company has skilled and certified professionals, who are fully qualified to handle the different aspects involved in the mold making processes.  These engineers ensure effective technical communication with the clients to serve them in a hassle free and smooth manner.  The factory of Sincere Tech only uses the most advanced and high technology available, to make sure that everything that produces and design is of the best quality.  The team put forward their best efforts with the help of the unmatched expertise to undertake all the projects and complete them with sheer perfection.

Without compromising on quality, the team of Sincere Tech makes sure to manufacture molds that last long and meet the expectations of the customers. The products they design are priced very strategically, according to competitive market rates. Apart from being suppliers of molds for customers, this leading plastic mold and injection mold china partner assures transparency in a communication system that helps them to provide seamless services to the customers.  By promising customer satisfaction and standard product quality, they have reached the zenith today.

About Dong Guan Sincere Tech
Dong Guan Sincere Tech is the leading manufacturer of plastic and injection molds and die casting partner based in China that is renowned for offering seamless services and high-quality products to the customers and taking care of all sorts of technical and design issues.

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Media Contact:
Dong Guan Sincere Tech
1st floor, 37#, YuanXia Road
YuanJiang Yuan
Guangdong 511700, China
Phone: +86 (0)769-3366 9997
Fax: +86 (0)769-3366 9997



(August 11, 2018) – Studies show that there is an increase these days in the number of couples looking for a threesome dating site. Not just for couples looking for such a site, but also singles looking for couples for threesome dating can get the best help from

To help a couple looking for women, this site is designed with a view to providing a useful platform to find the right dating site for threesome dating. This site extends the help by identifying the top 5 such sites. So, anyone looking for a dependable threesome site can save his/her time in searching for the best site.

The site provides high-quality and safe information for women looking for couples for threesome dating. In addition to helping the users find the best websites, the site also provides the useful tips to those planning for a threesome dating to take the relationship to eternity without any issues.

This site was established way back in the year 1997. With more than two decades of experience in helping people find the best threesome dating sites, the creators of this site very well know how to evaluate the sites and rank them. The aim is to help people find the best site that will, in turn, help them find their threesome dating partner.

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