Kansas City, (January 18, 2017) – For all those who are looking at alternative medicine for cure, Holistic Acupuncture Arts is an answer to their search. Run by famous therapist Jennifer Wyatt, who has been practising acupuncture for years, Holistic Acupuncture serves patients through a holistic approach to cure them body and mind.

An accumulation of genetics, life experiences, and environmental influences affect a body. But alternative approach like acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Shiastu help individuals to change these influences and use the body clock to their own good. Experiencing acupuncture and Chinese medicine opens new possibilities to cure flaws and imperfect human conditions. It is considered to be one of the most powerful actions one can take to access the medicine that can function deep within, awakening the potential of a human body.

Professional therapist and acupuncture specialist Jennifer Wyatt of Holistic Acupuncture Arts practices herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion, bodywork, and martial arts to help patients. She believes Chinese medicine is like detective work and requires a curious, analytical mind and a tenacious spirit. She makes these medicines and acupuncture work by developing relationships and connects with her clients. A sound physiological relationship, relationship with oneself, and relationship with one’s practitioner are goals set and achieved by Holistic Acupuncture Arts.

About Holistic Acupuncture Arts:
A holistic medical approach to body and mind of patients through Chinese medication and acupuncture. Therapist Jennifer Wyatt conducts sessions to cure clients with a holistic approach.

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Company Name: Holistic Acupuncture Arts
Owner Name: Jennifer Wyatt
406 West 34th Street, Suite 511
Kansas City, MO, 64111, US
Phone Number: (816) 399-3731



Webaria has set new standards in providing SEO services in Ireland. Webaria specialists have more than 15 years combined experience in web design, digital marketing and graphic design.

Webaria is different from other similar search engine optimization service providers in Ireland. It understands its clientele better and offers the right kind of marketing strategy to help it flourish and stand out in the crowd of similar companies. Webaria offers a perfect mix between customer service and self service. The state of the art website has a client area that allows every customer to buy service, manage subscriptions, download reports or raise support tickets in one easy to navigate location. On the other hand the experts of Webaria know that sometimes it is necessary to contact customer service representative directly and that is why majority of the packages that the company offers come with training and remote support – this way the client knows he or she can always pick up the phone and speak to the officials directly. This mix allows Webaria to bring together products that are not only great quality but also reasonably priced.

Webaria is also a leading e-commerce development services provider. The company’s aim is to provide its clientele with outstanding e-commerce websites both in terms of functionality and design. If a business is not selling online, it is already behind its market competitors. As most people prefer to shop online, there is a massive increase in the number of e-commerce websites that are appearing on the internet, and a majority of competitors are already selling online too! Hence ecommerce is a boom industry these days and this is where Webaria comes in.

About Webaria:
Webaria specialists have more than 15 years combined experience in web design, digital marketing and graphic design.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE has opened a new vista in the sale of used cars, vans and other vehicles. It offers cash for cars like no other company in Ireland.

When someone wanting to sell his/her used car or any other vehicle go to, he or she can rest assured that the portal will provide a fast and efficient service. Hence, over the years, it has been the most popular destination for used car sellers in Dublin and nearby areas. For people wanting to get cash for their cars, it is the right place.

Finding a genuine customer and getting the money one deserves can be a difficult task when it comes to selling used vehicles. This is where the portal comes in. The portal offers real money for a range of vehicles. It buys cars for cash from 2004 onward and one can simply fill out a form available on the website for a fast quotation. Getting cash for cars in Dublin and throughout Ireland was never easier and more hassle-free.

When a prospective seller fills out and submits the easy-to-use form, he or she will be contacted promptly with an offer for the vehicle that is to be sold. Once the price is agreed, officials of the agency will call the person, check the car and give the cash for the car! So, for getting paid fast, instant cash for a car in Dublin and surrounding counties including Wicklow, Meath, Kildare, Louth and Westmeath, is the best destination.

About WeBuyAnyVehicle:
Since 2000, the portal has been helping the general public sell their used Cars, Vans and MPVs for quick cash. It aims to beat all competitors’ prices in the market to provide the customer with the best offer for their vehicle.

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Gambling is one of the oldest game shows that still exists, and this game spreads throughout the globe without any trace of potent inventions. But, modern lottery business came into existence from the United States and later spreads across the world. This type of gambling has been given most widely legal status and thus, people still plays this without any fear of getting caught or any other hesitations. There is another way to play this game in this twenty-first century, and though this is the age of the internet, everything went online, and likely lottery went too. There is a big fear of the safety on the internet while playing with money, and here the answer to it with Online Lottery Shop.

Online Lottery Shop is a one stop online store to get all sorts of lottery game shows present on this planet, but only the legal ones are available from this online shop. There are many such online lottery stores available on the internet, but this one is one of a kind website with its availability and security. This one has the information on almost every biggest lottery jackpot present on the planet, or in other words, there are any legal and online jackpots available in any country will be available at this online store. The store has the option to click on is the “Jackpot Today” which shows all the available online jackpots from every corner of the world.

According to some sources, “there are many, countless websites are totally dedicated for legal lottery game purpose, and this website is linked with all of the major jackpots shows so that one can play from any corner in the world.” There are many regions, where this lottery game is banned, and thus, this online lottery is an only option to play the game for an opportunity to win money.

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Online Lottery Shop is one stop playable lottery game shows that is known for its secure transactions and opportunities for common people.



Douglas, United States, (January 18, 2017) - A Christian motivational speaker, Jonathan Nadeau had far from what people would call an easy life. This resident of Douglas, US, lost his eyesight in an auto accident when he was only 14 years old. He lost his dad at 15 and mom at 18. Yet, he did not give up. He continued with determination and this loving husband and father of 5 kids now wants to help depressed and devastated souls pick themselves up and continue with their life. He has planned to write a book, and crowdfund the expenses needed for the same.

Jonathan Nadeau has now set up a crowdfunding campaign on the popular crowdsourcing website Indiegogo, to raise money for his upcoming inspirational book that aims to inspire other people and give them hope in a world of suffering.

The money raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to have a cover designed for the book and pay for the expenses of an editor as well. Contributors who are interested in the cause of Nadeau can help by pre-ordering a copy of his book and helping him to finish the book.

Interested crowdfunders can order the book in an autographed copy, a physical copy or a digital copy. In return, they can have Jonathan Nadeau speak for them in a youth group or at their local church.

Other than contributing money for the purpose, crowdfunders can also help him by sharing the cause on any social media website and making it popular.

About Jonathan Nadeau:
Jonathan Nadeau is a blind Christian father and a husband who believes he lost his sight to gain his vision. He loves to work as a Christian motivational speaker and spread the inspirational message of mercy and grace of God.

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WENZHOU, ZHEJIANG (December 29, 2016) –RHI Electric Ltd has opened a new vista in the field of plastic end caps, vinyl caps and bus bar.

These products are widely used in different fields, including Cable Accessories, Pipe fittings, Stainless steel fittings, Furniture Packing and decorative toys. The caps come in different shapes including round, square, rectangular, flat, thread, hexagonal etc.

These products adhere to all international safety standards and guidelines and are certified by ROHS, REACH and UL94v-0 Fire Resistant, MSDS. Any Logo / Brand or Texture design can be printed on the top or side of the caps. The caps have smooth and bright surface, uniform thickness, consistent length, even opening ends and sufficient flexibility.

The company also supplies all kinds of Battery Copper Bus bar & Cover, which come in customized shapes and sizes. An electrical bus bar is a conductor or a group of conductor used for collecting electrical energy from the incoming feeders and distributes them to the outgoing feeders. In other words, it is a type of electrical junction in which all the incoming and outgoing electrical current meets. It is an important component in any wiring structure.

The products have got great feedbacks from electrical engineers and common users alike. They are not only durable, but also pocket friendly. Unu Wire assures its customers of excellent competitive prices.

About RHI
RHI Electric Co. Ltd. is specialized in the production and R&D of soft PVC dipping plastic products and new energy battery connection accessories. The company began producing all kinds of soft PVC dipping products in 1991, established a new energy department in 2013 and is supplying connection system products for more than 1,000 new energy enterprises now. All products reach the EU ROHS / REACH environmental standards, and electrical products reach UL94V-0 flame retardant requirements. It has been certified by the ISO9001 international quality management system in 2016.

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Skype: ycj0524
WhatsApp: 8615068400366
Fax: 0086-577-61988722