IndiaMoneyMart Explains Prospective Borrowers On How To Borrow P2P Loans


Mumbai, India (March 07, 2018) - How to Borrow P2P Loans is the question most individuals have and they are provided with the best guide on the same at IndiaMoneyMart.

Shortly called as IMM, IndiaMoneyMart is a web-based peer to peer or P2P lending market. This marketplace provides the space for borrowers and lenders to meet each other in such a way that operations between them happen on jointly accepted terms and conditions.

The company says that the borrowing process starts with the borrower to register himself either as a corporate member or as an individual. Once verified, the account will be activated by IMM, but will not be visible for lenders. When they are in need of a loan, they will have to pay the application processing fee. Then, they can search for the lenders suiting their requirements. Then, they can close the deal with the lender. Finally, they can sign the contract and can get funded.

The entire process is carried out online with the help of technology for lowering the cost to the lender. In addition to saving the cost on overheads and infrastructure to the lenders, this service will pass the savings back in the form of lower rate of interest to the borrowers and it will also generate a considerable sum of returns to the lenders.

The good thing about this service is that both the borrowers and the lenders can search for listings and can send their requests to particular individuals on the basis of the information available on the website of IMM. The list of the borrower is closed once he receives the funding and has accepted the loan amount from a lender.

About IndiaMoneyMart:
IMM is a tech-enabled lending platform that offers the lenders/investors with the opportunity to lend straight in different kinds of small business loans/personal loans and consumer loans.

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